Published: Sunday, 04 January 2015

After 59 years Wilkinson Industrial Textiles have called it a day, with inferior cheap Chinese sheets and a throw away society making for an ever shrinking market it was time to close up and head home for the last time.

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Wilkinson Industrial Textiles were a leading maker of fine quality cotton dustsheets for industry.

As a company we understood business and business needs.

We did not request that you make a minimum order, we delivered nationwide generally within 1 and 5 days, dependent on order size and delivery address; we gladly made up your material into sheets; cut, sew, fold and bundled when required.

We provided sample sheets (at reduced rates) or strips of material (free) for you to check, we found sample sheets better for our customers, who made more informed decisions having seen an example of the actual sheet they where purchasing.

Whether you wanted a dust sheet for a staircase or as a cover for your car during the winter we were able to help.

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